Home Visits

Home Visits


Our Pet Home visits are for when you need your pet(s) checked upon while you are out. This is NOT pet boarding/pet sitting.

This means your pet(s) can stay in their familiar environment while you are at work or on holiday (holidays exclude dogs). You will no longer need to put your pet(s) in a stressful environment or try find friends/family to help look after them.

During the home visits we will feed and play with your pets – clean any litter trays/bowls etc. If you wish, Barktastic can do some small household chores like bringing in your mail, taking out rubbish etc.

Depending if you are at work or on holiday will depend how many visits per day we recommend.

Please get in touch for more information or prices.

Terms & Conditions apply, these will be explained upon your free visit with us to meet your pet(s) and arrange the type of service(s) you want from us.